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(How I spent Friday through Wednesday--like Cameron, saying, "I'm dying." Certainly felt like it.)

My January went from bad--getting my wisdom teeth pulled--to worse--still dealing with the teeth situation *AND* getting super sick. Last Friday I was cleaning the apartment and watching Freaks and Geeks and started to get a sore throat and really tired. I laid down to take a nap before Price got off of work and when I woke up, I had congestion and a serious sore throat. The rest of the weekend it got worse until Tuesday when I went to see my doctor. Now thanks to antibiotics and a nice cough syrup to help me get to sleep, I'm back on the mend. I didn't get a chance to however thank my Secret Pal properly. :(

Meg, thank you, thank you, thank you! I got your reveal package and love everything! Now Sensational Socks is *mine*! :D And the snacks! Those are going to come in handy during the Super Bowl weekend--during which I intend to catch up school wise while movie-ing myself out! And you sent little Soak washes in my favorite scents, too! Thanks again to Secret Pal and fellow Texan, Meg!! ;)

And for those who want to know, my Secret Spoilee was Erin, The Bookish Knitster. My reveal package is on her way to her from a fantastic Etsy seller and I hope she enjoys it! I had tons of fun finding things for her. :D

As far as knitting goes, I haven't done much lately. I have been attempting to do some things with the yarn I ordered from Knit Picks, but I never get very far. Maybe this weekend, too. I have big plans for this coming weekend. Especially with Target releasing their next line of Go designers (who I love) Proenza Schouler on Sunday. I'm going to be there with bells on--I already have preshopped it in my mind.

Oh! And I had an email from my previous post on Jinky, the Dog of a Hollywood Wife! Carole Raphaelle Davis, the author of the book sent me an email saying that a chapter of the book deals with knitting. I am intrigued now... I'm going to try to get a copy of the book at Barnes and Noble (and confirm my Harry Potter reserve) tomorrow and check it out. Especially since I'm a big fan of knitting up outfits for Obi Kenobi (who I have a little Noro sweater to seam up for from before I got sick). If I can get it, I'll post about it after I read it.

FYI - Tomorrow the prognosticator of prognosticators is going to reveal if he sees his shadow or not. As per the annual tradition, I will be up super early to see the festivities at Gobbler's Knob on the Weather Channel and begin the viewing of Groundhog Day and the eating of flapjacks at my parent's house. When my friend Angela married in Pittsburgh in 2005, Price and I went there for a week and made a day trip to Punxsutawney to pay homage to the groundhog and it wasn't an easy trip to make I'll tell ya. But we ate at Punxsy Phils Cakes & Steaks, got nose-to-glass-to-nose with the actual groundhog, and stopped at Gobbler's Knob. Punxsutawney is a great little town and we had a blast--

Price at Gobbler's Knob

My Groundhog hat which I will be wearing to my parent's house. I love the little tail at the top! Here's a better picture of just the hat--

For some Groundhog Day fun check out GroundhogCrossing.com.



secret pal

So glad you liked your last package. Hope everything is going better for you now.