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I still haven't knitted since my I had my wisdom teeth pulled, but I do have pics finally of my felted box! They aren't the greatest pictures in the world. I was going to take some out on my patio, but today was really cloudy, plus my mom and brother came over to the apartment to watch this weeks episodes of Beauty and the Geek (I really love this season) and Boston Legal.

So here's the felted box from Mason Dixon knitting--

For my first felting project, I used Plymouth Galway in color 31 which is a beautiful dark teal. I loved the coloring so much that when I realized I had enough to knit the baby kimono from the book, I cast on and started knitting (prior to my wisdom teeth being pulled). I am almost half finished with it. I might work on it and finish during the Top Chef marathon on Monday morning. Anyway, back to this project, I knitted this up fairly quickly, using two strands of Galway to try to make it stiff. Didn't work too much since it is still fairly floppy at the top. I might try to figure out a way to work some wire along the top of the box or just felt it some more and make it smaller. I didn't measure it prior to felting, so I don't know the percent of shrinkage, but it didn't shrink as much as I thought it would. I actually put it through about four agitation cycles before I let it finish through a rinse. Total felting time took me through half of the movie Patriot Games, so about an hour. I think I might have caught the felting bug and I do want to do more. I may end up with more felted boxes than I can contain in my small apartment. I might buy the book that I saw Grumperina mention on her blog--Men Who Knit & the Dogs Who Love Them--because the pattern she sample knitted for is was a knitted dog bed that was felted.

Anyway, leading into the pet world, I noticed on MSN, the story of the cat Hercules (the shelter he was at named him Goliath) who was a stray who got caught in a doggy door trying to scrounge for food. His face was adorable (the pic is with the article) and I couldn't help but share it with you-- Food-filching fat cat reunited with owner.

Also, looking for the Amazon link for the book I mentioned above, I ran across this-- The Diary of Jinky: Dog of a Hollywood Wife. I read the little excerpt and cracked up. So, I noticed in the comments about it that there was a blog--and I found it. It's absolutely a great read for pet owners. Jinky's Blog
And here's Jinky's blog entry about his hand knitted duds--totally classic for those of us who knit outfits for our pets--Couturophobia

Adorable, no? Obi would definitely not approve of that outfit. He prefers things like his knitted baseball jersey.

Well, lately in lieu of knitting, I've been thinking about home buying. As my sister-in-law's move to New Orleans begins to get closer (we're thinking she'll be there by June. My in-laws will probably go to help her move in.) the sooner we are going to have to begin to think about our purchase of my in-laws home. They have been thinking of selling their house and moving to a smaller place for a while since it's just the two of them and my nephew (who they homeschool and often care for him when my sister-in-law is at work) and they travel a *lot*. Then when my sister-in-law received her orders for New Orleans, they decided that they would move into her house which is vastly smaller and keep the house for her(my sil really wants to keep the house incase she's able to get orders that would bring her back to Corpus). So, when she leaves for New Orleans they will start doing renovations to get it up to the standards they want and since my father-in-law wants to do the work himself, they're going to take probably the rest of the year to work on the improvements. So this time next year, we may be in the process of buying their house (at a family reduced price) which is a great house and closer to my parents, our church and the schools we would want our children to go to. And a cousin of mine moved in right behind them, so we have that, too. So I've been looking at some magazines from Half-Price and dreaming of how I'll want my home to look. I'm keeping a notebook so that I'm able to keep track of ideas (decorating & renovations) or things I want to keep an eye out for (or keep an eye out for a look-a-like). I think I might starting posting some things either here or on my other, non-crafty journal, provided I can find pictures online or can get access to a scanner. Most likely, I might just tack them onto journal entries here since I would classify it as crafty-ish. I've been magazine scouring (from Half-Price) and HGTV watching like mad. It helps me to keep my eye on the prize--a home--to keep me from wanting to shop, which I love to do (though, I love a bargain and rarely buy full price). This is especially important right after the holidays which is when I often pick up the best deals. So this weekend will be alot of cleaning and selecting things to sell at my in-laws' garage sale (they're clearing house, too, along with my sister-in-law). Last time we cleared out our stuff, we made big bucks in about two days on non-heavy garage sale days. It will be nice to get that money into our savings for a down payment. We'll really be paring down and decluttering.

Classes also started on Wednesday and I'm excited about two classes--TV Crit and Ad Crit. Two things I absolutely love. My TV watching is astronomical. If there were a gold medal for TV watching, I'd probably get a gold medal for it. My DVR is always jam packed with stuff (yesterday was bordering on ridiculous for the amount of stuff that was recorded on it). I think the DVR is the greatest piece of technology in my life at this moment (especially with another 18 hours of classes--mostly night ones).

So that's about it for now. Price's videogaming has provided me with blogging time, blog reading time and podcast listening time. Before I end this, I do want to thank you for leaving me messages of kindness in my last entry. I did go in on Monday to check-up with my dentists and they (yes, the two that worked on the teeth removal) said that they believe that feeling will return to the left side of my chin, but there is no telling when it will fully heal. May take anywhere from 3 to 6 months. I can live with that, but I do have to admit it has really made me feel self-conscious about my appearance. Mainly because the left side of my chin feels about 100 pounds and the more I talk, the larger that whole area begins to feel, though it looks no different. But I just can't seem to convince myself that it isn't huge when that happens. Plus eating is a whole event because it prevents me from eating with out making a huge mess around my mouth because I can't open it properly and eating also makes my jaw begin to ache something awful. Okay, enough of the self pity party. It could have been worse than it is, and I'm thankful that it isn't. Though I really do miss being able to drink things out of a straw.

And so, to end this entry, I realized someone had asked about the maker of my Soylent Green is People necklace (which I absolutely love and feel totally geeky when wearing), the maker is Kathryn Riechert. She has an Etsy store and it is always jam packed with fabulous jewelry that is so tempting that I have a hard time not buying it all up. I'm really thinking my next purchase from her Etsy might be her Answer to Life earrings or maybe one of her hand-stamped bracelets. It's all so fantastic!



New House

I like to listen to Lime and Violet too!

We tried to sell our house this fall but couldn't find a buyer. We're hoping to try again this spring. Like you, I am dreaming about the possibilities of having a new space to decorate and be inspired. Right now my house seems so boring and in need of a little change.

Good for you for doing all that cleaning! You must feel so proud to have made so much space.

She Knits by the Seashore