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Jan. 7th, 2007


(no subject)

I kind of disappeared without really meaning to. I've always had this fear of dentists. I always get bad news when I go to the dentist and so, embarrassingly, I have let quite a bit of time pass since last visiting the dentist. But, last Tuesday, the shifting (I guess) of my wisdom teeth caused me to start biting the inside of my cheek and really tore it up--so much so I had a hard time eating--so I broke down and found a dentist that takes my insurance. I went to see him on Wednesday and he told me I had to have my wisdom teeth--3 of them!--out ASAP. So Thursday, I went in at 10:30 a.m. to have them out. I didn't get out of there until 4:30 p.m. That's right. It took two dentists and one assistant to get all three of the wisdom teeth out. They said that the roots of my teeth were twisted so they had to be super careful when getting them out. I'm still numb on the left side of my face from the corner of my mouth to about the mid point of my chin and I'm having a bit of a Brando from the Godfather thing going on with my cheeks. The dentists were a bit worried about possible nerve damage along my jaw and if the numbness is the same come morning, I'm going to have to go in to see them Monday afternoon. I'm hoping for the best on that and on the swelling. Classes start on Wednesday and I've got a killer bruise somewhat dying down on the right side of my mouth.

Sorry this is a bit gross sounding, but I didn't want to let my secret pal think I bailed on my blog. Especially since one of my new year's resolutions is to blog more regularly about my knitting and other craft attempts (I felted for the first time on Jan. 1!). But up until today, I was recuperating at my inlaws (Price was working, my family is all sick, and I wasn't walking up the three flights of stairs at the apartments) and wasn't able to spend much time doing much else other than sleeping. I'm hoping that this weekend I'll have some photos up of my felted box that I made from the pattern out of Mason Dixon. I loved how it actually came out and am probably going to spend the $20 gift certificate to the LYS to buy more feltable yarn and go crazy making felted boxes to spruce up my computer/crafting space. I also hope to put up a list of knits I picked out to work on this coming year.

And though it's a bit late, I hope everyone reading had a great holiday season and a great New Year!

Dec. 29th, 2006


(no subject)

Obi and his people had a great Christmas holiday (that's a pic of Obi while Price unloaded his Christmas stocking from my parents--both sets of parents spoiled him rotten). I haven't knitted aside from using up some yarn scraps on never ending type projects. Instead, I have rotted my mind (according to my grandmother) reading chick lit romance novels. So far, I've read two in the last two days and now I'm anxious to go to Half-Price for more. I'm just in that chick lit kind of mood.

It may have a small thing to do with seeing Ewan McGregor everywhere promoting Miss Potter which I'm hoping will make it down to Corpus.

I now must rot my brain further by watching those endless lists that Bravo seems to air during the end of the year and scour my knitting magazines to find some projects for 2007. I hope to have a list of those for posting before the 31st. A to-do list for the new year, if you will. And it will definitely include something I can use my gift certificate to Knotty Girls on.

Dec. 24th, 2006


(no subject)

Wanted to shout out a Merry Christmas to everyone! I'm hoping to have pictures of knitted Christmas gifts with their recipients later in the week. I'm still in a rush because there seems like so much to do and Christmas Eve just flying past! *eep!* Only one sock left to go for tomorrow's gifting at my inlaws, so I better hop to it.

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!!

Dec. 23rd, 2006


(no subject)

So, my break so far hasn't been as relaxing as I hoped it would be. It's been crazy crafting here at Chez Sarah. Most of our Christmas gifts have been made--only four people will be getting gifts that aren't made. I bought books for my nephew, wine glasses for one sister-in-law, Scrabble game for the other sister-in-law (who is currently residing in Italy), and I bought a CD for my brother who I found out won't get much use of the gift I was working on for him. I'm giving him both gifts, but I didn't want him to feel ripped off because he wouldn't be able to enjoy the crafty gift.

I took pictures of most of the gifts, but some ended up wrapped before I remembered to take photos. Here they are minus the socks I knitted for my mother-in-law, a pair of fingerless gloves for my uncle and a fake, fair-isle hat from knitty for one of my cousins.

A We Call Them Pirates hat for my dad. We (my mom, my brother, me and Price) all went in on buying him an Ipod, too. He'll get a kick that the screen of the Ipod on the box has Jack Sparrow on it. I knit in a lining along where the hat will rub against his forehead in Lion Brand's Cashmere Blend. I think he'll like it.

Some Sweet Mary Janes in progress from a pattern I bought off of piddleloop.com. I probably won't finish these until after Christmas because I really need to check sizing before I put the finishing crochet border and strap. They can't be too tight or constricting because of her diabetes. I bought suede soles to add to the bottom of the slippers so she also doesn't slide on the tile at the house.

A Center Square hat from the current issue of Knitty. I love this hat so much. I really don't want to give it up to my cousin. But sadly, I must. This was a super fast knit, too. I polished it off while finishing the last two discs of Criminal Minds. (Dig the Star Wars Christmas Gift Wrap in the corner!)

One sock completed for my father-in-law. It's a slip stich pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks and I managed to finish it in one day. I'll be working on the second one whilst waiting for things to bake tomorrow. I have until Christmas Day to finish it, but it shouldn't come to that.

This is a hat for my cousin's wife. It's the Bobba hat I bought the pattern of. It ended up super wide at the bottom, so tomorrow first thing in the morning, I'll be ripping off the bottom and knitting it a bit tighter. I may even end up knitting a ribbed bottom for it.

And this is the project I've been working on for my brother-a Star Wars scrub top. However, after talking with him yesterday, I found out that where he works, he's designated to wear one color and one color only. And Solids only. So, unless he becomes a clinical instructor soon after graduating from his respiratory program, he won't get much use out of it. I'll be finishing it and will give it to him along with the fabric that I was going to make two more tops out of. He can decide if he wants me to make him the other two or we can find a pattern for me to make him something else with the fabric. I also bought the Tenacious D CD set so it's not so much of a bust. :\

The holidays have made it pretty hectic around here--more than I had anticipated. So much for a relaxing break. I haven't updated like I've wanted to, but that should change come Tuesday after break-neck Christmas knitting has ended. Sorry Secret Pal. I haven't been a good updater and I apologize for that. I hope everyone has been having an enjoyable holiday season so far!

Nov. 29th, 2006


Oh, where to begin?

I have been a busy little bee this past month. Within these past two weeks, all I finished all the major semester projects and did presentations and what not and now it's just downhill from here. I feel so free and I absolutely can't wait until I take my only final on Dec. 8th (my other classes counted the project presentations as a final exam). I have a pile of TV on DVD to watch and knit to--Commander-in-Chief, Threshold (still haven't had a chance to watch this!), Nip/Tuck, How I Met Your Mother-Season 1, and Bones (which I got for a steal at Circuit City! $19! It was advertised for $34.99 in this week's ad!).

And I've been firming up the Christmas knit list and buying patterns for certain gifts. I bought Wooly Wormhead's Bobba Hat to make for my cousin's wife. I kind of wish I could give it to her early when I finish it (which will probably be tomorrow) because the temp is supposed to seriously drop soon and she's a bell ringer for the Salvation Army this holiday season. Here is progress on it so far:

Because I'm sort of stash busting my yarns if I think it will work, I'm knitting the hat in Lion Brand Landscapes that I bought before we had a LYS and before I started splurging on yarn online. I'm hoping it will get a tad bit softer after a wash, but I think the colors will suit my cousin's wife. And it will be easier for her to clean should she need to.

I've also been working on a wrap for my grandmother. I don't know if this will be her Christmas gift or her birthday gift. I may knit up a scarf for her birthday and give this for Christmas--she'll get use out of both because she is always cold. Even in our 100 degree summer heat. I'm knitting it off a Paton's pattern for ease and I knit it in the recommended Patton's Decor so that, again, it's easy for her to wash should she need to.

Now on to purchases--
In punk_knitters, one of the members posted that she was closing her yarn shop and posted a lot of her stock up for sale. I scored 5 skeins of soysilk sock yarn, 15 pairs of bamboo straights in various sizes and some other things for my secret pal for the whopping total of $32. And I placed my first ever order with Knit Picks. Part of that order is for a secret Christmas gift that I'm excited about starting. I may stop whatever it is I'm working on at the time to start working on the secret project when the yarn comes in!

And this weekend I'll be heading up to Austin! As an anniversary gift, my husband bought tickets to see Patton Oswalt (who is my geek crush) at Cap City Comedy Club on Friday and my brother is coming along with us because we couldn't leave him out (Patton does geek comedy and, well... we're all geeks). I'm working on getting the guys to let me stop at Hill Country Yarns on Saturday so that I can pick up some Noro and Lamb's Pride so that I can knit Fake Isle Hats for my two cousins.

Now for the best part of this post--I received my first Secret Pal Package!

My pal set me some SplitYarn goodies, which I'm excited about. I love indie crafts and this one's Texan! And so is my secret pal apparently... *hmmmmm* ;) I'm already using the stitch markers which my pal selected using the Obinator as inspiration. And I love, love, love the scent of the lotion! My husband loved the way it complemented my Stella perfume when I paired them together on Thanksgiving. And the yarn! When I saw it, I immediately knew I was going to knit socks out of it and what pattern I am going to use. Thanks a bunch, Secret Pal!

Finally, as part of the Christmas season and to feature Obi a bit more, I decided I'll feature some great gift buys for dogs--all Obi approved! Now, Obi is a fantatic tester. Seriously. If it is able to be ripped to shreds, he'll do it in a matter of minutes. We have spent so much money on puppy beds, toys, collars and blankets... and much of it is torn to bits in seconds in front of my eyes. Oh, the yarn I could have bought with that money. Anyway, here is the first gift suggestion for the season (I really wish that I could think up something witty as a title, but I'm way tired just can't)--

The Chewgar!

Nicole sent Obi a Chewgar in a swap package during the Hurricane Party Sock Swap and he absolutely loved it. Usually we give him Flossies, but they are gone within a day. But the Chewgar Obi savored. I'm serious. He carried it around with him everywhere in case a snack was needed. He lovingly chewed on it at his sunspot in front of our balcony door. It lasted for days. Maybe over a week? So can you imagine his joy at realizing that I was able to find more for him at World Market?

Here's Obi giving me a wet nose kiss after realizing all those Chewgars were his:

The Chewgars retail for around $3 a piece and an internet search shows you might even be able to find them packaged in a cute wooden "Chewgar" box at some retailers.
Obi gives the Chewgar 4 wet nose kisses out of 5 this holiday season.

Nov. 12th, 2006


(no subject)

I haven't journaled as often as I'd like due to a slew of projects that have due dates within the next two weeks. I've been swamped with so much and I feel that I will quite possible lose my mind within the coming week. Please bear with me.

I have been working to try and complete the Central Park Hoodie. Like I've said before, I'm the world's slowest knitter. But I have managed to complete the main body pieces and am working on a sleeve right now:

I'm hoping to get some time to work hard on it by the end of the week--quite possibly knitting during my Thursday shows.

I'm also looking forward to cracking down on some projects I need to complete. Here is a stash of Sugar 'N Cream just waiting to meet their destiny:

And I'm about to embark on my largest sewing project to date--two scrub tops for my brother for Christmas! He has a hard time finding scrub tops because of his size--they all end up too short! So, these special fabrics are going to end up as the scrub tops... hopefully:

My mom will probably be holding my hand through this project since she's the sewing wiz in the family. I'm pretty confident I can do this, though. And I know he'll love it!

And I have some special Scout's Swag yarn headed my way in the very near future. I had it specially dyed for my father for Christmas and can't wait to see it!! :D And some Sknitches yarn that was on sale, too!

I can't wait until classes are finished so that I can catch up on all the movies I've bought throughout the semester and to catch up on Christmas present projects--just need to make it through to the last week of Nov. Most of my classes will be finished by then--no finals! Exciting times. :) Also, I made it into Lambda Pi Eta at TAMUCC at the beginning of Nov. It's pretty cool since it's the Communication Honor Society at the university. TAMUK didn't have that at all.

Well, hopefully tons more knitting content in the near future!

Oct. 26th, 2006


I bought the necklace--


Will be taking photos of wips after tonight's TV viewings of Earl, The Office, Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, and ER! I'm working on quite a bit lately, just swaping a different project with each show--like I'll work on one while watching Earl and The Office, another while watching Ugly Betty and so on. Hope everyone who's reading my blog and working on Socktoberfest projects are having better luck at it than I am. I've only done one pair of socks this month and they don't incorporate short row heels or were done toe-up. So I may not learn techniques I had anticipated learning this month. :( Maybe I'll figure them out while Price is on vacation and it's just me, The Poops and my TV. :)

Oct. 24th, 2006


Today was a good day after all.

I thought that today was really going to be a stinker because I stayed awake all last night to finish a portfolio project for my English class and register for the Spring semester at 7am. I ended up with maybe 2 hours of sleep in total.

But I found out I have a strong A in my English class and my professor really liked my portfolio. Then, while I was fishing around for references in the COMM department for my resume, I received my invitation to join Lambda Pi Eta, the COMM honor society. And I found five references to apply for the Media Assistant job with the local minor league baseball team. Score!

I also aced my exam in Persuasion and today was a freebie day in the class, so no late class today!

And to top it all off, I received my package from my Hot Socks Swap partner!

I can't wait to try out that chocolate and tea and I may have to fight my husband for the chocolate piranha! And look at these stitch markers!:

I think the little spoon is my favorite of the markers--it's so tiny and cute! The yarn is absolutely fabulous and I can't wait to wind it up and start knitting with it! :D Thanks so much, Ruth!

So, all in all, a pretty awesome day. Well, aside from the fact I'm absolutely pooped. Can't wait to watch Veronica Mars and knit. I may have to treat myself to some of my new hot chocolate! ;)

(no subject)

Things are starting to wind down, school-wise. Projects are ending, mid-terms are finished (took my last one Monday morning), and Spring semester registration starts this morning. I plan on being on top of that because I don't want to have a repeat of what I went through to register for this semester. I'm finally starting to see the finish line of this blasted Bachelor's degree.

I've been working on quite a bit knit-wise to try to relax a bit from the stress of everything. I finished the Dublin Bay socks for my aunt and started on a pair of Knucks for my uncle who works for a local electric company. I figure they would keep his hands somewhat warm in the winter months and have his finger tips free to work safely. I finally wrote up my Christmas knit project list this weekend and it's a long one. But it will keep me busy while Price is doing Space Camp with our nephew and my father-in-law (or keep me out of trouble as Price said when he looked at it). I want to try to whip up a Weasley sweater for my nephew who loves the Harry Potter books. I felt inspired to work on one after reading an article on knitting in the Potter series in one of the recent knitting magazines. The only person who I can't decide on what to make is my cousin Omar who lives in Arizona. I'm sure something will come to me, though.

Some knitting related purchases for the past week were sending out some treats for my secret pal. I really hope she enjoys what I've sent her. I also just bought the recycling shirt from Threadless tonight in their $10 sale:

I knew waiting for it would pay off!
I'm also stalking an item from one of my favorite Etsy sellers--I really want her Soylent Green is People necklace. That movie was crazy. If it's still available on Friday, I just might buy it. :D And Sknitches and Yarn Pirate are updating their yarns this week while Sunshine Yarns is updating next Monday. Yarn goodness, here I come!

I hope that sometime later this week, I'll update with some wip photos!

Oct. 16th, 2006


(no subject)

This was posted on the SP9 hostess' blog that is in charge of the grouping I'm in. I thought it seemed interesting, so here are my answers!:

1. Where is your favorite knitting spot?
On the couch right next to the window in the living room. With The Poops curled up next to me napping.

2. If you suddenly could never knit again (shudder) - what would you do instead?
Um... In terms of crafting, I guess cross-stitch. I love doing those and was one of the first artisan crafts my mom taught me to do. I love trying to keep the back of my cross stitch orderly and clean. I'm a little OCD about that. In non-crafting terms, I would veg infront of the TV. Oh, wait! I already do that.

3. If you could travel anywhere in the world - where would you go and why?
To Paris or London. They're pretty much tied for me and I've wanted to go to them for as long as I could remember.

4. When you were little - What did you want to do "when you grew up?" Are you doing it?
Some people find it weird, but I always used to read books, both fiction and non-fiction, about extremely contagious diseases and I always wanted to work with them at the Centers for Disease Control, specifically diseases that have been affecting the population in Africa. Sadly, :( I don't do that. Right now I'm studying to go into Sports Public Relations. It would be pretty awesome to work for the CDC, though.

5. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Pumpkin. I used to get this fantastic pumpkin ice cream at Marble Slab Creamery, but they changed their recipe, so now I buy pumpkin ice cream from Cold Stone.

And now I'm hungry for ice cream.

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