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Haven't posted much this month. With classes kicking me in the butt I haven't had much time for anything--even catching up with my TV shows! But mid-terms are over for the most part and now I can breathe a little bit better. I tried to get as much off my plate early this semester by volunteering to go first on whatever I could as far as projects go, so I could relax more the second half of my semester.

I also worked on a huge personal FO that I sent off in the mail yesterday--my internship application to NASCAR. I started watching racing as something both Price and I could get involved in together since he spent most weekends watching Cup races anyway. Two years later, I think I might have fallen in love with it more than he has. So when I found out about the Diversity Internship program, I decided I was going to submit an application for it in hopes of getting a PR internship. But I've been so nervous about it that most of the little free time I've had the past month has gone to working on the application. The essay was the most problematic for me--I had to, in 200 words or less, explain my reasons for applying to the program. 200 words! I could write them an epic masterpiece, but to narrow it to 200 words? Well, I managed to do it and yesterday put the finishing touches on it all--application, sealed transcript, essay and resume w/ references. And now, according USPS.com, it's in Daytona Beach, FL on it's way to NASCAR's offices. The excruciating wait to see if I made it to the first round of interviews begins.

And now that everything is situated, I can concentrate back on knitting which I haven't been able to do at all this month. It may explain why I've been super stressed out, though.

Anyway, just a quick message to let people know I'm still trucking along. I hope to have some knit projects underway this week since not much is going on class-wise because Spring Break is the following week!



Congratulations on getting your application off. Good luck!! Enjoy your break.

She Knits by the Seashore