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Like everywhere else in the US, we have had the GREAT FREEZE! Okay, not really, but you would have thought we did since the area school districts cancelled classes or set back the start times. Sadly, area universities did not alter their scheduling and I had to drag myself to classes regardless of how much I wanted to sit on my couch, knit, drink hot chocolate and watch my numerous recorded TV shows. :(

I did however, make a new scarf to show off my mad crochet skillz--

I started it while watching the Golden Globes on Monday night and finished it while watching My Super Ex-Girlfriend tonight. Although my crocheting is slow just like my knitting, it did not take me four days to crank out this scarf. I did have a false start--I made it wider than I liked when I first started it. I had double the amount you see chained up and was about twenty rounds in so I just tore the whole thing out, halfed the chain, and went back to work on it. Then I worked a few rounds on Tuesday before I left for class and then finally finished in about 30 min tonight. It's just alternations of double and treble crochet. No frills crochet. That's the full amount of my crochet skillz. The yarn was Classic Worsted Impressions by Universal Yarn Inc., color 494.

My next project I'll probably start on today after I get out of class--I'm going to give toe-up socks another shot. I really want to learn this technique and I thought I might try to learn it before the semester really gets going and I won't have the time. I'm going to crack out the hand dyed yarn I had Scout dye for me before Christmas. She dyed the Houston Astros' team colors onto a skein of sock yarn and I was going to use it in a project for my dad but it never came to fruition. But I'm determined to make him a pair of socks, so this might be as good a time as any. Here's the yarn already wound up (I forgot to take a picture of it skeined, I think, which kind of sadness me because it was such a beautiful skein of yarn.)--

Though I have quite a few skeins of yarn dyed by Scout, I've never used them. It's almost as it's too precious for me to use--like I have to have the perfect pattern for socks to happen out of that yarn. Same thing for my Sunshine Yarns yarn. I've attempted, but it just never happens. To me, they're like little pieces of art work and I can't bring myself to knit them. :\ But I'm going to try this time.

And speaking of Sunshine Yarns, I bought a skein of her Fiesta colorway in her last update. I read about it on The Blue Blog and after seeing the colors there, I absolutely wanted it. I'm excited about getting it in my hands! The colors just scream spring, which is definitely needed after a week of dreary weather in South Texas.

Well, on Sunday, I cancelled our Tivo service because, frankly, it never would connect to our wireless. So, after much thought and deliberation, we reallocated that money to start a Netflix subscription, thus the viewing of My Super Ex-Girlfriend tonight. I've loved Rainn Wilson since watching him on Six Feet Under (he's the reason I started watching The Office when it first came on), so it was a must to put in my queue. And I have to say that reserving a movie in the queue is addicting. There's just so much available on Netflix that video stores in Corpus wouldn't even begin to offer that now my queue has an embarrassing large amount of films on it--I'm at 342 right now. Having this will be good for us I think because we really don't get the movies much anymore and I've been a bit bummed about missing out on some pretty great films recently. We keep saying we'll wait until they're on DVD, but then we never go to rent them or buy them. So this will keep the cost of buying DVDs down (well, except for The Departed which I loved and absolutely have to buy--hello, Matt Damon!) and now I can see what we've missed at the theaters in terms of large release films and what I've missed in terms of independent films (which I adore) that never show up at our theaters.

And now, to end my entry, I thought I'd start putting up some home decorating things like I mentioned in my previous entry. I first saw this in an ad in Metropolitan Home magazine and I fell in love with how they had the piece set up. They had two of the piece indicated below pushed together like a sofa/bed thing. I can just imagine having something like this (because I probably couldn't afford the real thing) in the bedroom as a place to knit in (and I only mean one of these because it looks huge!). It'd be like a super luxe chaise.

The photo is from the designer's site - Frighetto. It's an Italian company which translates to $$$, imo. If I can get a scan of the ad I'll post it up. The picture of it in the ad makes it look super comfy. Hopefully I can find a look-alike more within our budget when we have a home.

Oh! And I finally put up the print I bought at the Patton Oswalt show I saw in December. I had it framed and I love how it turned out--

I have it up in my little knitting nook in the apartment that I never use (I end up knitting on the couch). Maybe it'll get me knitting there... Yeah, probably not, but it still looks good where it is!



i love that astros colorway! so fab.

and i think netflix is one of the best things we ever did. i've had it for 6 years now and i swear by it.

i've been a knitting fool with all this cold weather. it was nuts up here in austin. unfortunately, i can work from home but that's okay i still managed to get a lot of knitting in while staying there. :)

and i loved the good shepherd, too. matt damon was great it in. the departed was a fantastic movie.

one last thing, your last package is boxed up and heading to the post office at lunch today. i've had it since monday but didn't get out of the house due to weather. sorry about the delay.


I know what you mean about special yarn. I have a few skeins of hand-dyed yarn that I think will make nice scarves, but I'm too chicken to use it yet until I find the perfect pattern. One is Great Adirondack and the other is Schaefer curly mohair.

That chaise looks so inviting for knitting! Someday...


The above comment was from me, Debby, at She Knits at the Seashore. I'm sorry I forgot to put that in. :)