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Everything has been crazy! I'm just glad my spring semester is almost over. I'm ready to do lots of knitting to be quite honest. Movies and knitting. That's going to be my break. :)

I'm working on some swap projects right now--the Hogwarts Sock Swap and the Hurricane Sock Swap. I'm not too sure if I'm 100% liking the Hurricane sock pattern Here's what I have done so far right now:

I just don't think the pattern is the right one for the yarn I'm using. It's Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock and I love knitting with it. I just wish I loved the pattern a bit more. :\

What I am loving is coming up with a sock pattern for my Hogwarts swap partner:

The owls kill me! I think they're so adorable. I hope the socks come out the way I envision them. I'm going to redo the yellow at the top though. I ended up ordering the wrong yarn and so the gauge just isn't working with the cranberry colored yarn. Both yarns are Lorna's Laces only one is the Shepherd Sport (cranberry) and one is the Shepherd Sock (yellow). I reordered the right yarn and I'm just waiting for it to get to me to redo the ribbing on this sock.

The last time I mentioned some nesting birds... Here's a photo of one of them:

The eggs the bird was incubating hatched and have already flown the coop I guess you could say. :) It was fun seeing them grow up. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get some photos of the baby birds before the took off. And also unfortunately my pea plants died in the process of letting the birds hatch. I wasn't able to go out and water my plants as often because I didn't want to scare off the mother and leave the babies vulnerable and cold. The heartier plants survived thankfully.

Anywho, I just wanted to check in and update my sock making progress for the swaps. I really, really, really hope I can update my journal more frequently than I have been.



Beautiful socks! I love the owl design. Very clever! You were so kind to leave the birds alone and sacrifice your pea plants. I'm sure even Professor Sprout would agree!

--Your Hogwarts Sock Swap Pal


Beautiful Socks

I LOVE both pairs of socks. I'm having a great time planning your socks. The yarn is gorgeous, and I'm searching for the perfect pattern. Good luck with the end of the semester.

Your Hurricane Sock Party Pal


Enjoy your break!!! Lots of knitting and movies sounds perfect. I wish I could join you.

That is so kind of you to sacrifice your plants for the bird family. You must have enjoyed watching them grow and go off on their own.



Package coming soon

Your sock is finished. I loved knitting with one of the yarns you recommended. And the last goody I ordered for you arrived today. I'll mail your package soon; I'm worried about it getting too hot for fruit treats to survive the trip south.


Tag - you are it!

See my blog for details!



Hogwarts Sock Swap Package?

Your Hogwarts Pal has not received these lovely Gryffindor socks yet and we are well passed the deadline. Can you please email me and give me a status update???
Rebecca (hogwarts.deputy.headmistress@gmail.com)