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So... My university's basketball team made it into the NCAA basketball championship. I'm not the biggest of basketball fans, but I find it humorous that they're scheduled to play Wisconsin, normally the family's favorite during March Madness due to the fact my dad is a former Wisconsinite. The majority of his side of the family still resides in the Badger State. So who is our family going to be rooting for come Friday afternoon? Probably Badgers, Badgers, Badgers, Badgers, Badgers, Badgers, Badgers... TAMU-CC will probably be crushed beyond any chance of winning within the first few minutes of game play anyway. Wisconsin is ranked #2. TAMU-CC? #15.

Onto other things... I'm getting slowly freaked out about my phone interview scheduled for Thursday. It's a "I want this so bad!" kind of freak out though. Don't know if that's good or bad. I've been keeping up with NASCAR news and reading online tips to conducting a good phone interview.

I've used knitting as a way to calm my nerves this weekend. I started some socks using the Astros colorway that Scout dyed for me. I'm using the Pretty Petals Socks pattern by Jeanie Townsend. I loved knitting up the Petals part of the pattern and I think it's coming out pretty good myself.

I'm also thinking about buying a pattern off of Zephyr Style. I'm torn between Glee and Rusted Root. Knowing my will power, I'll probably end up buying both. I'm so weak. ;)

And as far as The cure on my apartment... I'm trucking along on that. The Living Room is almost 100% de-cluttered. Still need to take some bins to my in-laws for the big garage sale they plan on having, but other than that, Price and I are loving how it looks right now. I started on the kitchen and have about half of that done. It's great when you're facing one side of the kitchen. Then you turn around and it's still cluttered. But that will be taken care of tomorrow. I will probably take pictures when that's done with. By the way, for those that are curious, here's my Flicker account with the photos of the apartment before the cure. It was horrible, I know.