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I decided to start on the Apartment Therapy's The Cure on our apartment. I'll be setting up a Flickr account for it in the near future and then everyone can see the shame that is my apartment prior to The Cure's completion. So far I think it's going really well. I love the flowers (gerbera daisies) I bought for the apartment so much that I bought more of them today (in a different color) for the new week. I decided to do The Cure because I think all the clutter in my home is clogging my mind. After taking such a long time in writing my essay for the internship I applied for, I realized something needed to be done. It's been working so far.

And speaking of the internship... I got a phone call from NASCAR yesterday to set up a phone interview appointment. I was so excited I could hardly contain myself while talking to the nice lady from NASCAR who called. After I hung up, I started dancing and jumping around my bedroom. So excited! So send good vibrations my way if possible on Thursday morning. I'll be freaking out a bit probably all Wednesday night and early Thursday morning. Working for NASCAR has been my dream for the past two years and this is definitely a step in that direction.

Well, after that call, I decided to wind up some yarn to inspire me to spend some time knitting this week. All of these skeins (most recent purchases) and then some were wound up yesterday:

Definitely made me want to knit up dozens of socks!